Monthly Link Up – Share Four Somethings – July 2020

Share Four Somethings” is a monthly link up where we share “four somethings”. Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured and Something ahead. This is such a beautiful way to look back at the month and focus on the good. Link up your #sharefoursomethings post in the comments or if you don’t have a blog share them with us all in the comments.

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Something Loved.

Decisions made as a family is definitely my “something loved”. One of those being that we decided to home-school our little ones in light of Covid. If we’re going to be doing remote learning we may as well home-school. We’re keeping it simple and doing the same Kindergarten curriculum for all three kiddos. Keeping in mind that our three year old won’t get it all but she’s right there with us! Caryn has been doing so well in the lessons we’ve already tried though so I know she will do fine!

We also decided to go back to Keto as a family. Although, since my kids are small they still need the carbs for their brain development, so they will get extra carbs in my Protein Power Balls. Also, when I make a meal like Chicken Alfredo, I serve the adult’s plates with cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash and our three kiddos plates are served with a whole wheat or veggie pasta.

Something Read.

As I am working on my Doula training I have been reading through “The Birth Partner”. Being the lover of learning that I am; I have been really enjoying everything I am learning through this book. It’s bringing me such joy to think of the doula services I will be providing soon! I am so excited to provide pregnancy, birth and postpartum care to mamas in my community. This book has been really helpful for me to learn just how best to provide that care. It’s perfect for any Birth Partner; dads, moms. sisters, and doulas.

I am also reading “The Green Ember” to my charge for my Home Health Care position (who is a 14 year old boy with severe epilepsy and autism). I have truly been enjoying this one as well. This is a book about two little bunnies, named Heather and Picket. It’s a story of siblings who go on adventures together and learn that their family history is tied up in the greater story of the world threatening to crumble around them. It’s a wonderful adventure book for pre-teens and teens and I’ve even enjoyed it very much.

Something Treasured.

Also on the 20th of July, my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and to say I treasure this man would be a vast understatement. Paul is such a beautiful example to me of the unconditional love that Christ has for his church. I just think back to earlier this year when I was so sure that I was DONE. Prodigal Wife. My sweet husband waited for his bride to come back to him.

Now, God has brought me back home, and looking at our wedding pictures I just can’t help but praise God for sustaining Paul through that season. For bringing me back to Him and to my husband. There’s been good. There’s been bad, really really bad. In this season in our life I’m learning how to love Paul again as he is learning to forgive me and love me again as well. There’s really no way to put eloquent words to this . . . but we are both grateful to our Lord for bringing us back together, for bringing sin to light and helping us to see each other as he sees us.

Something Ahead.

I’m looking forward to home-schooling my little ones. I will be taking on more and more as the Lord is teaching me so so much about diligence. We are planning a family camping trip and I love camping! I find camping to be just an intentional time to get away from the screens and connect as a family. We definitely take our camping trips seriously and leave the toys at home. We just bring their “bugnoculars” and bug catchers. Maybe we might bring some crayons and paper so they can “draw what they see”. Other than that we leave the toys at home! It’s so fun to see our kids engage in nature and with each other.

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