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Help Morning Sickness with Rhythms

Are you struggling with Morning Sickness? Friend, I am so sorry. My hope is that these steps will help alleviate some of your morning sickness symptoms and help you enjoy this pregnancy. I had morning sickness all 9 months of all 3 of my pregnancies. I 100% understand. Did you know that even doctors aren’t sure what causes morning sickness? They usually concur that it’s probably the hormones but no one really knows for sure.

Is there anything that really makes morning sickness better? Yes! That’s the good news. There are things you can do to help go to battle, so to speak, with the overwhelming nausea and vomiting you may be experiencing. However, I do want to note that if you are losing weight, having headaches or feeling lightheaded or dizzy among other things, you need to call your doctor. You may be experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum which may require IV fluids or medication.

I think it’s important to set in place rhythms even early on in pregnancy. Getting used to rhythms will help you during the birth process as well. Rhythms help us to know what is coming. We can settle into a rhythm even in early pregnancy with the unpredictability of morning sickness.

So here’s what I would suggest as a rhythm to help morning sickness. . .

  1. When you first feel that wave of nausea . . .

    Drink water. I suggest making sure you stay hydrated and have some Ultima as well. It will provide your body with the electrolytes it’s craving and tastes really yummy. If you’re having a hard time with strong tastes; try to mix just half a packet with a bottle of water, because the flavor is pretty strong. Making sure your body is ultra hydrated can really help morning sickness to subside.

  2. Have a snack.

    Sometimes morning sickness can be caused by low blood sugar. Try a protein bar or these yummy protein cookies. You could even try my simple protein power balls recipe. Eat whatever your body will let you keep down during this time. Nutrition is an overall picture, not a day by day picture but a season by season picture. It is okay to opt for a healthy protein filled snack rather than a whole meat and potatoes type meal. Give yourself grace.

  3. Breathe.

    Sit down and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Stress can make morning sickness worse so taking time out of the day to pause and just breathe can really help morning sickness. If you need help getting your mind to chill out call a trusted friend. It might also be wise to start researching Doulas at this point. Most Doulas can provide not only birth care but prenatal and postpartum care as well. Not only that but when you hire your Doula early you have time to build that trusting relationship you need with a birth partner. But breathe, mama, breathe. Take a deep breath in through your nose, count to 5, and slowly release your breath out through your mouth to another count of 5. You’ll make it through this wave of nausea and the next one too.

  4. If you’re able, take a nap.

    I realize that this may not be a reality for some, but if you can at all manage it, take a nap. Call in some reinforcements to watch the kiddos if you need to. Turn on a show and lay on the couch with them. Go outside and rest on a blanket (the vitamin D will help too) while the kids run out some energy.

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