About Me – Help is my game

Imagine This:

You’re a mom of a newborn, maybe you have a toddler or two as well. You love being a mom, but it’s also kind of the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. You’re not sleeping. You’re not eating. Nursing is hard. Bottle feeding is hard. Caring for your other children is hard. Sometimes you even think about ending it all. You have very little help to top it all off.

Jennifer here. I have postpartum depression and that’s a tiny tiny piece of my story and the Lord is still restoring our family.

I am here to help. We are regular people. We don’t live in an expensive home, we rarely go on vacation, our van needs work. My mama bought us our couch from Target. I mean look y’all, we got our dining table free when my husband was working as a maintenance man and someone left it.

We have mutty dogs and an outside cat. We eat a lot of rice and beans and cheap chicken. I mean y’all, I taught myself how to cut everyone’s hair, including my own. We even mow our almost acre yard with a push mower and it takes us three days. Our house is not pretty and our kids scream a lot, but we love each other. I am a regular mama, with a regular husband and regular kids.

I’m not here to say I know better than any of you, I don’t. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate life with Postpartum Depression and my baby is 3. I am saying I am here to help.

Please contact me if I can pray for you. Call me if you want. I am NOT just saying that. My number is there for a reason. I want to be open, humble and transparent in everything I post here. So, I pray that I would be a minister for the Lord, that as I seek Him that I could share that with all of you and that maybe the Lord would use it all for His Ultimate Glory, that every knee would bow, that every tongue confess and every heart believe that Jesus is Lord.

Photo Credit to the wonderful Smallhouse Photography