5 Coping Skills You Can Try Right Now

Sometimes when you’re feeling down it can be hard to remember to use your coping skills. Save this now to come back to for reference when you need it. I have been in therapy for a while now and I still find it hard to remember and use the coping skills I’ve been equipped with.

Here are 5 quick coping skills you can put in your tool belt to use next time you’re feeling anxious or depressed.

#1 – Meditation or Mindfulness

There are several benefits to meditation and mindfulness. Overall, it can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. The practice can also help you sleep easier and longer allowing deeper more restful sleep. If you’ve never done this before there are several apps that are designed to help teach the practice of mindfulness.

#2 – Read something

Whether reading a book for yourself or snuggling down on the couch and reading to your children; reading allows your mind a break from it’s worries and negative thoughts and allows you to come back and start over.

#3 – Go for a family walk

This is particularly helpful not just for mama but also for the little ones in her care. Walking around the neighborhood releases endorphins and helps everyone to feel happier and calmer. Try to do this in the morning since any endorphins you produce during your walk will last all day!

#4 – Clean anything

Even just in 10-15 min bursts. Improving the environment is helpful to improving mood and releasing tension built up in the body. Also, the movement will help to produce those endorphins we want. I love my Puracy cleaners, they smell amazing and make my cleaning a little easier.

#5 – Call a Friend

Talking to friend is good way to identify struggles and help release feelings and tension. A good friend will be able to bear your burdens with you and help you to feel connected and loved.

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