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how to prepare you home for a water birth

How to Prepare Your Home For a Home Water Birth

Home water birth is such a special way to give birth! Congratulations! You've researched, you've attended all the classes to ...
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being just a mama

Being Just a Mama is Good Enough

I have always wanted to be a mama, even as a little girl. People would ask me what I wanted ...
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help for morning sickness

Help Morning Sickness with Rhythms

Are you struggling with Morning Sickness? Friend, I am so sorry. My hope is that these steps will help alleviate ...
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verses to memorize to battle depression

Verses to Memorize to Battle Depression

Several times I've written about finding verses to memorize to battle depression. I find these verses to be particularly helpful ...
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Monthly Link Up – Share Four Somethings – July 2020

"Share Four Somethings" is a monthly link up where we share "four somethings". Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured and ...
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stop celebrating laziness blog banner

Stop Celebrating Laziness

Laziness can become a habit. Habits either break us or make us and I am tired of mine breaking me ...
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